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Jasper Cash Back Mastercard®

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Earn 1% cash back on most purchases. Terms apply.*
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Jasper Cash Back Mastercard®
Jasper Cash Back Mastercard®
  • Click APPLY NOW to securely apply online.
  • Up to 6% cash back by referring friends!

  • Start with 1% and get an extra 1% for a full year for every friend you bring on board

  • Cash back not limited to certain categories, earn on almost all everyday purchases

  • No annual fee, no security deposit, no foreign transaction fees

  • Simple, intuitive app to manage your account

  • Unique auto payment options that help you build and maintain your credit score

  • Receive cash back automatically every month as a statement credit after three on time payments

  • Earn cash back as long as your account is in good standing

  • Your cash back maximum varies based on your credit limit

  • See Jasper's terms and fees.

  • Issued by WebBank, Member FDIC

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Jasper Cash Back Mastercard® Review

Who is the Jasper Cash Back Mastercard® for?

If you are a working professional who is just starting your personal finance journey, the Jasper Cash Back Mastercard®, issued by WebBank, Member FDIC, could be an excellent option for you. This $0 annual fee credit card does not require applicants to have a credit history¹ to apply, making it perfect for recent graduates who are just starting out in their careers.

In addition, the Jasper Cash Back Mastercard® is one of the few credit cards that does not require applicants to have a Social Security number.² Therefore, if you are a working professional who has just recently moved to the US, this credit card is a useful tool for you to start building your creditworthiness.

Another perk is its straightforward cash back rewards program. Cardholders can earn unlimited 1% cash back on all eligible purchases, which is credited to the account automatically every month, assuming the account is active and in good standing. Check out the Jasper Rewards program terms.

Lastly, the card comes with a mobile app that allows customers to easily track their spending, manage finances, and set up automatic payments. With on-time payments and low credit utilization, you should be able to build your credit score consistently. 

No Credit Needed

The main feature of the Jasper Cash Back Mastercard® is that applicants do not need to have an established credit history¹ to apply. If you have a credit score, Jasper will check it, but if you have little or no credit history, you are not automatically disqualified from applying, as credit history is only one of the many factors that Jasper considers during the application process. With the card reporting account information regularly to Equifax, Experian, and TransUnion (all three of the major credit bureaus in the US), the Jasper Cash Back Mastercard® is a great way for recent college graduates or professionals who do not have a credit history to build their creditworthiness from the ground up.

Moreover, unlike most of the credit cards on the market, if you are new to the U.S., Jasper does not require a Social Security number² up front during the application process. If you are new to the US, the only documents needed for the application are your visa information, passport, and proof of income or a job offer letter. U.S. citizens or permanent residents (“green card” holders) will need to provide their SSN at the time of application.

This does not mean that a Social Security number will not ultimately be needed. Cardholders are required to report their Social Security number to Jasper within 60 days after card activation. This 60-day grace period makes the Jasper Cash Back Mastercard® perfect for professionals who have just moved to the US, allowing them to get access to up to a $5,000 credit line quickly.

Rewards Program

While the Jasper Cash Back Mastercard® does not give out any welcome bonus, it offers a solid rewards program that can be used for everyday purchases. With the Jasper Cash Back Mastercard®, you can earn up to 6% cash back by referring friends. You are guaranteed a minimum of 1% cash back on almost all everyday purchases as long as your account is in good standing. And, you can boost your cash back rate by 0.5% for a full year for every friend you bring on board - all the way up to 6% cash back! Cash back is applied automatically to your account every month as a statement credit after three on-time payments, and your cash back maximum will vary based on your credit limit. Review the Jasper Rewards program terms.

Benefits and Credits

The Jasper Cash Back Mastercard® periodically reports account information and payment history to all three credit bureaus, allowing cardholders to build their creditworthiness and enjoy its cash back rewards program simultaneously. 


The Jasper Cash Back Mastercard® comes with a mobile app that lets cardholders manage their finances, set a budget, track spending, and automate payments. This feature makes it easy for consumers to build good financial habits and improve their creditworthiness in no time.

Depending on an applicant’s credit score and other factors such as income level, the Jasper Cash Back Mastercard® offers a credit limit of up to $5,000 subject to credit approval and a purchase APR ranging from 15.49% to 24.99%.


Annual Fee

Another attractive perk of the Jasper Cash Back Mastercard® is its $0 annual fee. Cardholders are also not charged any foreign transaction fees, making the card a great option to make purchases abroad while enjoying the benefits of a Mastercard®, such as ID theft protection, auto rental coverage, and purchase assurance.

Applicants should note that the Jasper Cash Back Mastercard® does charge a 5% ($10 minimum) fee for cash advances, as well as fees up to $27 for late payments or returned payments.


The Jasper Cash Back Mastercard® is a great, low-cost option for consumers who are looking to build their creditworthiness. It does not require a credit history¹ or Social Security number² to apply, which gives applicants who are just moving to the US lots of flexibility. Together with its solid 1% cash back rewards program and $0 annual and foreign transaction fees, the Jasper Cash Back Mastercard® can be quite an attractive credit card for consumers who have fair/limited credit. 

¹ If you have just arrived in the U.S. on a work visa, Jasper will not run a hard inquiry with the credit bureaus to process your application. If you are a U.S. citizen, a U.S. permanent resident, or if you have been living in the U.S. for more than one year at the time of application, Jasper will run an inquiry with the credit bureaus. However, application review is always based on multiple criteria, not just your credit score.

² No SSN is required to apply for applicants who are new to the U.S. and are in the country on a work visa. SSN is required within 60 days of card activation. Card can only be activated from within the US.

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