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Avant Credit Card

Avant Credit Card
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Rewards Rate
Welcome Offer
Typical Credit Score
Fair, Bad, Limited / None
Card Network
Annual Fee
From $0 to $59
Credit Score Needed
Fair, Bad, Limited / None
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  • No foreign transaction fees
  • People can apply with a fair credit score
  • Annual fee
  • High APR
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Avant Credit Card Review

Who is the Avant Credit Card for?

The Avant credit card can be suitable for people who have limited credit and would like to continue building their credit score. This card only requires a fair credit score to apply (630 - 689). However, applicants should know that their annual fee is $39 and both balance transfers and cash advances carry an APR of 25.99%. Furthermore, this card is not available in Colorado, Vermont, and West Virginia. 


Even though other credit cards provide many rewards as their unique selling points, the Avant credit card does not offer any reward program. Instead, this card focuses on improving cardholders’ credit rating through different perks.

Perks and Protections

The Avant credit card reports cardholder’s card spendings and payments to all three bureaus including Experian, Equifax, and TransUnion. As long as cardholders make their payments on time, the feature is able to benefit them by improving their credit scores.

Cardholders will also receive a periodic review from the Avant credit card, which can potentially increase their credit limit and give them a clear picture of their monthly spending. On the other hand, this card can be a great option for people who travel often because the Avant credit card does not charge any foreign transaction fee.

Annual Fee

The Avant credit card charges an annual fee of $49. In addition to the annual fee, this card also has both regular transfer and cash advance APR of 25.99%. The applicants must be aware of the annual fee and high-interest rate before applying for the Avant credit card.


The Avant credit card can still be a solid option for people who only have fair credit and love to continue building their credit history. Despite its annual fee and high-interest rate, the Avant credit card benefits cardholders by reporting to all three bureaus and providing a periodic review. With all that being said, the Avant credit card can be a nice alternative for cardholders to improve their credit rating before applying for other better credit cards.

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