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How should I manage my Mortgage payments?

Details on how one should manage mortgage payments.
By: Sanchit Rokade
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Purchasing a home is a significant investment, but paying your mortgage payments is a huge task. More often than not, a homeowner who borrowed money to buy a house is making one lump-sum monthly payment to their mortgage lender. But while it may be called the monthly mortgage payment, it includes more than just the cost of repaying their loan, plus interest. If you stop making mortgage payments or continually make late payments, it can be challenging to bring your loan back to good standing and cause months or years of financial headaches. Planning for unexpected situations, as well as the routine costs of owning a home, can help you avoid foreclosure or bankruptcy when emergencies arise.

Managing Mortgage payments:

Set up a budget.

Careful planning and budgeting are essential to guard against financial problems in the future.

For some homeowners, it might make sense to commit a certain percentage of your monthly income for your home just above what is needed every month. Write down your expenses or use online budgeting tools to help you see where your money is going. 

Try To Pay Down Mortgage Quickly

To pay down your mortgage quickly seems to be a huge task but making minimum payments on time can help you attain your goal of being mortgage-free. Also, if possible pay slightly more than the minimum monthly payment, making an extra payment can be done by cutting down on your cost and adding to savings.

Establish an emergency fund for repairs or updates.

The problems in plumbing, electrical and heating systems, a leaky roof or a broken boiler need to be resolved as quickly as possible. Therefore, it is always good to have set aside some amount of money for the urgent repairs that from time to time will come up with your property.

Don’t overspend or over-borrow on unnecessary repairs or improvements to your property

It is generally advisable to not overspend or over-borrow on unnecessary repairs or improvements to your property because then you can land yourself in a lot of trouble as you have to pay interest back on the credit cards you used to make that purchase.

Have a backup plan in the event of illness or expected loss of income.

It is always beneficial to have a backup plan in the event of illness or expected loss of income. So, you have to address the situation such as advance notice of a layoff, a major medical operation, etc as soon as possible or risk losing your home. There are many local sources like churches and civic groups, non-profit organizations particularly housing assistance groups, counseling agencies, and state and local housing agencies may have special assistance programs that can help you in such events.


Follow the suggestions or recommendations mentioned above to pay off your mortgage payment quickly.



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